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If you need expert landscaping in Owensboro, Kentucky or surrounding areas and want it done to your expectations the first time, JThomas Lawn Care Services is the one to call. Whether you need Trimming and Remove Trees and Bushes, Mulching, Planting Trees and Bushes, Planting Grass, Edging, Leaves Cleaning and more. We will help you maintain your lawn, palm trees, gardens and irrigation system, and do it all on time and affordably.

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Guaranteed Service

Trees and Bushes

Trimming & Remove

Proper pruning techniques are essential for the development of strong structure and desirable form. That are poorly maintained can be a significant liability, and improper pruning can cause long lasting damage.​ Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an affordable palm-tree care services company in the Owensboro, Kentucky area that you can truly rely on and trust. Many don’t have the right tools, or they charge far too much to trim up. While those other companies leave a lot to be desired, JThomas Lawn Care Services has the equipment and the expertise to trim up your palm trees quickly at a price that’s affordable.

⦿ Shrubs
⦿ General Tree Trimming



Promote healthier plant growth by applying mulch. Mulch retains water and gradually releases nutrients into the soil, suppresses weed growth and erosion, and keeps your soil cool all summer long. Blowing the ground cover is a faster, more efficient, and more precise delivery system. We achieve a more uniform and even application, and there is very little waste. There are no unsightly piles to manually move from one location to another, and it is fast and efficient, which saves you time and money. You can create a better and cleaner landscape design.

Trees and Bushes

Planting Service

When we remove dead or diseased trees from your property, or when you simply want to add more trees for how they look, our certified arborists can plant them on your property easily and effectively. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise, and years of experience, we can ensure your property and your plant-life are healthy and beautiful for years to come. Our certified arborist can help you choose a tree that’s ideal for your property, climate, and appearance needs. 


Planting Grass

Repair your lawn or need a new look for your property? We offer sod (natural grass) installation, this is a quick and easy way to get your lawn full, green, and lush. Sometimes techniques such as fertilization and overseeding are not enough to save a damaged lawn and sod installation may be needed to bring your yard back to life. There are many things that could cause irreversible damage to your grass including:
  • Environmental factors such as drought and extreme heat
  • Neglect from previous owners or an empty property
  • Home repairs for sewer lines and irrigation systems



The edger creates neatly defined lines to give the borders of your lawn an attractively groomed appearance

  • Ming
  • Leaf blowing
  • Cutting grass
  • Comprehensive yard clean-up

Generally a JThomas Lawn Care Services will recommend getting the lawns done once a fortnight. Getting your lawns mowed more frequently then that will mean that the grass hasn’t been given enough time to grow. Leaving it longer than 2 weekly mows can mean that the grass grows too long, which means it will take longer to cut when the JThomas Lawn Care Services returns.


Leaves Cleaning

The fall season change brings beautiful colors, but also leaf cleaning and prep work before winter. It’s important to protect your home and guard your lawn. JThomas Lawn Care Services will help you by:

⦿ Cleaning gutters
⦿ Trimming
⦿ Fertilizing
⦿ Clearing dead foliage
⦿ Raking
⦿ Mulching
⦿ Leaf clean up